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Smart TV app for SAMSUNG & LG TVs

With this app, myGreeceTV, the Smart TV user is enabled to "travel" to parts of touristic Greece and get to know the destinations.

For Greeks living abroad, the myGreeceTV application for Smart TV, gives the opportunity to connect and visit the homeland from the living room of their home.

The projected content of myGreeceTV consists of information that will be useful and necessary to the user, in terms of history, the natural environment, the sights, and also in combination of touristic and personal information.

The content consists of small informative videos with a short duration.

What is a Smart TV?

The Smart TV device is an evolved form of the already known TV, with built-in Internet connection that adds advanced computing capability and connectivity to what we have known so far.

Smart TV can be considered as an information device or the operating system of a laptop embedded in a similar device, allowing the user to install and run more advanced applications based on a specific platform.

Smart TVs have the ability to run a complete operating system or mobile software and thus provide a platform for application developers.

The owner of a Smart TV can now download, from the smart hub menu of available apps, the one that can offer him either entertainment or information, according to his or her personal preferences, the same way he/she knows how to download using Smart Phones.

How does it work?

All Smart TVs have one homepage, once they connect to the Internet. Thus, the user is able to access different functions and through them different apps.

In SMART TVs, users have the ability to download both free and commercial apps that are available, whereas Smart device manufacturers are constantly trying to transfer and integrate the most popular mobile apps into SMART TVs apps, and thus enriching them with as much material as possible to showcase them as an essential product for future use.

Some TV manufacturers offer the owner the ability to automatically download the new features of an installed application whenever they are available and select them through the homepage. There is a variety of interesting apps like video streaming, internet radio, weather forecasting, fun, social networking as well as many games.

FREE edition advertising

The myGreeceTV application for Smart TV offers to the potential advertiser the opportunity to communicate his business to a large audience with a world-class "smart" device.

The free version allows global advertising by being targeted geographically, as it can exclude or include areas of non-commercial interest to the advertiser.

This ensure better targeting since can reach audiences and promote in differend IP address different adverting.


1 - Advertising Banner Placement (150x300 pixels)​

2 - Geographical targeting by Continent, Regions, Countries, Districs, neiborhoods, specific IP addresses.

3 - A client can place different banners at different areas of the world.

PRO edition advertising

The Pro edition of myGreeceTV app, is targeted at the travel industry professionals such as owners and operators of accommodation, spa, restaurant facilities as well as travel agent business offices.

For example in a Hotel room the guest has the opportunity to watch all the given content about the city or the location that he is situated and the things he wants to do and visit. The Pro version of myGreeceTV app, excludes all other advertising in the app, on that hotel or that room and can be replaced with the banner choices of the hotel operator. Here is the list of things that is possible to add in the geographical areas that he wishes, in any IP address. That can include many hotel facilities, around the world that desire to share and play the videos of our Greek destinations.


1 - Advertising Banner Placement (150x300 pixels)

2 - Placement of special client's videos

3 - Geographical target by multiple IP addresses.

BENEFIT: A client can place different banners and different videos at different areas of the world in multiple facilities all at the same time.