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Viewmax Publishers announces a special edition about one of the most historical regions in the world, the Attica region. This edition consists of a very unique photographic approach including 400+ images captured in all seasons, translated in total 5 languages and printed in 2 sizes.

24 cm x 30cm

Hard Cover


20.6 cm x 26.0

Soft Cover


20.6 cm x 26.0

Soft Cover

English Chinese Modern Chinese traditional


Athens | Exploring Attica


What is so special about Athens that lured so many artists, writers, travelers into praising its charms?

The answer is everything! Its countless natural beauties, the endless indented coastline surrounding it, the mountain tops protecting it, its ideal climate that makes Athens the perfect vacation spot all year round. In this climate flora and fauna flourish next to waterfalls springing from the depths of the earth, flowing into rivers, lakes and ravens, ready to offer their coolness to the wandering visitor.

The abundance of colours, shapes and fragrances of Athens have made it irresistible for painters to paint it, photographers to capture it on film on countless canvases and shots.

This magnificent natural landscape is complimented by urban development that has given rise to well known or less known areas in the periphery of the capital, areas that attract visitors from Greece or abroad, looking for a short getaway or seeking to know the hidden secrets and beauties of Athens extending from the Saronic Gulf and the Parnitha mountain top to the Thriasio Pedio and Loutsa.

We thought of capturing all this magic emanated by the periphery of Athens in an album and in this note we give you a small taste of what is about to follow, a journey through marvelous pictures, much more than the result of a mere ‘click’ of a button.

Pictures are now accredited as part of history itself, not just as means of recording reality in historic research. Photographers ‘write’ history in their own way, via the subjectivity of their lens and the objectivity of their glance.

To this aim, we searched for these pictures that would create a unique album, the work of accomplished contributors with high aesthetic standards for the presentation of Athens’ cultural identity.

Our wish is, via these pictures, to show you the beauties of Athens and to help you travel to the limits of its geographical boundaries, marveling at sights, colors, fragrances you can almost sense on the paper, in a multicolor and multidimensional journey!