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myGreece.tv is an online travel video guide that highlights destinations in Greece in web tv format. Its content is made up of short videos that are projected in such a way that the audiovisual information given inspires and familiarizes the user with the destinations. At the same time, informs the user as to how to move around, what to see and the things to do.


For users of e-tourism, it is certain that the ExploringGreece.tv site enables them to be entertain and also know and decide on their next visit to a Greek destination long before they arrive there. It briefs them briefly and serves them in such a way that their holiday or visit to places in Greece can be done with ease and information as the video replaces the senses. At the same time, he can help with cultural events of varied nature taking place in Athens, offering information and moments of relaxation to those who wish to escape a bit of the difficult reality.